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Train Like a Champion!

Step into the lifestyle of a Warrior. Master your mind and your body for vigilance, agility and performance. Muay Boran has over 200 techniques for self-defense, attack and counterattack. It’s a lifestyle of balance and awarenessBecause you are so worth it!

Stay and Train! 

Joy Secret Villa

Experience a one-on-one guidance and support.
Villa has a training ground.
Villa is across the street from the beach.


Muay Boran in Khanom, Thailand


We bring ancient Thai martial arts into the modern world, serving professional fighters as well as ordinary men and women alike who seek to improve their combat skills, boost health and fitness, and raise confidence. 

  • Up your game of leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Find cutting-edge Muay Boran techniques bringing them the desired edge over the opponent in the ring,
  • Align your vision with your reality

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.


Get to know yourself. 


Learn what self-love looks like.


Learn how to connect with others. 



In this exclusive opportunity you will live and train with Kru Saifon in an amazing Villa in Khanom.

Joy Villa Khanom features a training area, rooftocp ocean view, and access to 10km of Thailand most beautiful beach.

Whether you choose a week, a month (less or more), you will have the ultimate Muay Boran  experience..

This is a safe place to go deep into your inner power and achieve physical results.

Whether you are seeking to fight, to get fit, to lose weight, or simply know how to protect yourself, this is the most ideal program for your success.

Your Room
Super Deluxe Room

Your room features:
  • King size bed
  • Living room area with Couch and 50" TV
  • Large bathroom
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Ocean View
Roof Top Access

The Villa Features:
  • Training Area
  • Roof Top Looking Sunrise or Sunset
  • Super Comfortable Patio
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Online Training?
Want only Training? 

Online (private or semi-private) program is available.

You want to train Muay Boran, but you have your own accommodation? 

No Problem. 

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Kru Saifon’s fame has attracted celebrity clients including the World Champion of Kickboxing, Przemek Saleta. Kru Saifon has been invited to train in France, Switzerland, Bahrain and Poland. He regularly trains groups and private students at his beach-front Muay Boran Camp in Khanom, South Thailand.

Experience and take a deep dive into the ancient Thai martial art of Muay Boran. A martial art bred for unarmed combat in the field, Muay Boran is a highly adaptable and deeply traditional practice.

Through the knowledge gained during his time in training, you will unpack the history of the martial art, the techniques and their origins, and the many physical and mental health benefits of the ancient practice, in a unique and deeply informational insight into the art of Muay Boran.

"'I met Kru Saifon when I was a young kid, but only got a chance to train with him when I was 21. It was always my dream to train with him and when I had an accident and was stuck at home, Kru Saifon took the time to come and teach me about the Ancient Art of Muay Boran, even before I was able to use my broken leg again. I continue to train with him and see him as a guru and an excellent mentor."

Sean Smith

"Great, unique and exclusive training - for a pro or a weekend warrior. Fantastic for women in self-defense. Kru Saifon is a skilled teacher who literally lives the ancient lifestyle.'"

Andrea Bower



Muay Boran was originally developed for self-defense and also taught to the Thai military for use in warfare. Muay Boran originally is a martial art system which also has deadly techniques, grappling techniques and ground fighting techniques apart from its stand up techniques. This differs from modern-day Muay Thai, which consists only of stand up and is only a ring sport. Matches between practitioners of the art then began to be held. These soon became an integral part of Thai culture with fights being held at festivals and fighters from the different areas of Thailand testing their styles against each other. Fighters began to wrap their hands and forearms in hemp rope which not only protected their fists from injury but also made their strikes more likely to cut an opponent. Muay Boran fighters were highly respected and the best were enlisted into the King’s royal guard. During the 1920s-30s King Rama VII modernized the Thai martial arts competitions, introducing referees, boxing gloves, rounds and western boxing rings. Many of the traditional Muay Boran techniques were banned or were not practical with the addition of the new rules, and so Muay Boran went into decline and has been preserved by only few dedicated masters and teachers.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you.
Partners receive a discount.



Single Night

  • 2-Hour One-on-One Muay Boran Session 
  • 1-Hour Fitness and Mental Focus Session
  • Super Deluxe room 
  • 2 bottle water



Save EU83

  • 2-Hour One-on-One Muay Boran Session 
  • 1-Hour Fitness and Mental Focus Session
  • Super Deluxe room 
  • 2 bottle water
  • EXCLUSIVE: Pink Dolphin Boat Tour



Best deal!

  • 2-Hour One-on-One Muay Boran Session 
  • 1-Hour Fitness and Mental Focus Session
  • Super Deluxe room 
  • 2 bottle water
  • EXCLUSIVE: Pink Dolphin Boat Tour
  • BONUS: Weekly Activity (waterfall hike, cave temple, fish spa).

Online and Onsite Training

2-hour sessions 

40EU for 1 weekly session (per person)
100EU for 3 weekly sessions (50EU per extra student)
350EU for one month (3 sessions per week - 200EU per extra student)

Please note that there is a limit of 4 student maximum

This is to ensure each students gets the best attention.