Khanom Info

Welcome to the wonderful town called Khanom 

Unlike most of the big tourist cities in Thailand is a quiet beach town yet packed with so many goodies

From the best Italian restaurant (Jira Italian Food) to Pink Dolphin tours. 


With 5 waterfalls (visit to see images of the waterfalls and locations) in the area and the most gorgeous beach drive from Khanom to the next bigger town called Sichon, Khanom is an unknown secret that is beginning to get out. 


With 3 ancient temple caves and 1 large walk through cave, Sichon is also home to Thailand most talked about wishing temple called Wat Ai Kai. 


If you need any guidance or booking for tours, please send WhatsApp message to +14802414484 (Gabi) and he can help organize almost anything you need. 


For easy directions please recognize that Joy Villa is on the corner of Beach Road and Wat Kradanga Road. 


Wat Kradanga road connects Beach Road with Main Khanom Town Road. 


Padtra Glamping which is a small coffee shop across from the Joy Villa has wonderful tea and coffee and milkshakes and wonderful feeling.

Khanom has a few 7-11s.

The closest is about 1.2km away on the Main Khanom Town Road. 

From villa go left on Wat Kradanga Road and then take a right on Main Khanom Town Road.

Closest Pharmacy is just before the closest 7-11 on Main Khanom Town Road on the left.

Across from the closest 7-11 there is a daily morning market with fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and prepared foods 

In the same area there is a large vegetable shop that is open till 6pm.

The next 7-11 is further down from the first 7-11.

It is on the main 4 corner intersection of Khanom.

You can get to this road from Beach Road at the Vish Hotel take a left.

Vish Beach Hotel has the second best coffee shop.

The best coffee shop is Frankie’s which is on Beach Road across from Khanom Beach Residence Condos where the swimming pool that Joy Villa Guests have access. 

To get to Frankie’s take a right on Beach Road (take a left to head toward Vish Hotel). 

Just past the second 7-11, after the light on the right is a good grocery shop popular with the expats. Owner speaks perfect English and has many different wines and food popular in the west.

There are many small coffee shops on both Beach Road and Main Khanom Town Road which we recommend stopping and checking out. Each is unique with cute features.

A very good bakery “take care bread” is in the Main Khanom Town Road about 5km further to town from the 2nd 7-11. It is on the East side of the road and has a croissant statue in front of the shop.

Khanom Town center (about 5 km from the second 7-11) has a small Big-C shop as well as a mini Lotus store.

Keep driving on the Main Khanom Town Road to see the fishing bridge which marks the end of town.

Keep driving this road to enjoy the north part of Khanom Province.

Beautiful beaches up about 12km up the road and more cute coffee shops.

The big Tesco, Big C and DYI stores are in Sichon, which is about 30 minute drive.

You can use the Beach Road or the main road.

Please use Google Maps for exact directions.

Just across from the villa there is a small family Thai shop.

These small Thai shops are spread along Beach Road. There is another one across from Khanom Beach Residence Condos.


All the small Thai groceries stores all have coin washers (just washers).

You can give your laundry to the cleaning lady at Villa, or the lady necxt tot Frankie's Coffee.'

There is a coin Laundromat with washer and dryer called 'Beaver' on the Main Khanom Town Road, 4km further down from the 2nd 7-11.